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IMsLBb 2019

April 10th - 15th, 2019
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 IMsLBB event! We are excited to have you join us, and appreciate your help in making the event run smoothly (and with a lot of fun) each year!

Discounts for volunteering:
Discount does not apply to the Early Bird registration or day passes, and does not include the teeny tiny processing fee. Volunteer registration costs will not rise with the increase in prices for tickets.

4 hours --------25% off-----you pay $126.75 for a basic package
8-11.5 hours----50% off ----you pay $84.50 for a basic package
12-15.5 hours---75% off-----you pay $42.25 for a basic package
16+ hours-------100% off---you pay $0.00 for a basic package

You’ll also get swag, and that will vary based on when you register (because deadlines with merchants are a thing)! What is the swag, you ask? We don’t know yet! But it’ll be amazing.

We are also collecting demographic information to better know who we are reaching, and who we are not reaching, with our recruitment efforts. All demographics questions are optional and the default is for it to remain blank. We tried really hard to include all possible identities, but may have missed something- please do let us know by emailing volunteers@imslbb.org and we'll edit as soon as we see your email.

Pro tips:

Class and event schedules won't be released till much later. We will work with you if you find you have a conflict once that happen.
Major events: Thursday night is a burlesque type event called Seduction. Friday and Saturday night are the contest nights, and Sunday is Brunch and often Bawdy Storytelling.
You pick your own schedule here, so only sign up for things you're excited to do. You can expand each job to find out more about it, but you can also email us with questions.
We are absolutely happy to work with you on accessibility needs- if you don't see the info you need to consider a job below, email us and we'll help you!
Email address: volunteers@imslbb.org

Other things:

There's a bigger FAQ over at the IMsLBb website, and you'll get information sent periodically to remind you to register, to share important job info piece, and just to say hey!

And lastly---- this far out from the event we're not checking out email daily. It may take up to a week for us to confirm your application or answer questions.

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